Bite Analysis in Gainesville

Bite Analysis & Early Habits

Stay Ahead of Bite Problems

With our dentistry’s bite analysis in Gainesville beginning as early as age 2, we offer effective early orthodontic treatment to reduce the need for troublesome braces later on.

At the same time, we work with you and your child to establish healthy habits surrounding dental care and to manage tooth decay.

Bite Analysis and Early Habits Overview

Even though your child’s baby teeth may fall out eventually, they still affect how your child bites down, which determines their bite for their permanent teeth. We use a combination of oral exams and X-rays to better understand your child’s jaw and teeth alignment. Developing early habits for teeth care also inform overall oral health and can minimize the need for orthodontics.


A bite analysis provides a full understanding of your child’s current bite and any habits that might affect their bite later on. Our instruction on good dental habits addresses any shortcomings in your child’s dental care to establish good behaviors for life.


How Our Bite Analysis and Early Habit Training Works

We accurately analyze your child’s bite by first conducting an oral exam and then using X-rays to see everything beneath the surface. From there, we can develop our early orthodontic treatment and provide more information on routine dental care.

What to Expect

Our X-rays are painless and easy to complete. We’ll take your child to get an X-ray that gives a full picture of their jaw and bite. That way, we can understand how their teeth are growing in and what their bite looks like.

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Why Hero Pediatric Dentistry For Bite Analysis in Gainesville

A Fun, Kid-Friendly Office

With our toys, games, and prizes for kids, we make the dentist’s office a fun place to be!

Expert Care

Our passionate team is trained in pediatric dentistry and numerous procedures to give your child the high quality of care they deserve.

Compassionate Care

We always treat our patients with compassion, so that they feel comfortable and safe with their dental treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bite and Early Habits

A Great Bite Means a Great Smile

Our team at Hero Pediatric Dentistry gives you the comprehensive information you need to make the best decisions for your child.