Pediatric Root Canal in Gainesville

Root Canals for Kids

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Root canals may seem like they’re usually for adults, but children may absolutely need them as well.

Our team at Hero Pediatric Dentistry is specifically trained in treating children and making them feel safe and comfortable during procedures. If your child is undergoing severe pain thanks to tooth decay, schedule them for an evaluation to see if they need a pediatric root canal in Gainesville.

Root Canals Overview

Root canals are for more progressive cases of tooth decay in children. Even if the affected tooth is a baby tooth, problems in baby teeth can easily spread to other teeth or cause excessive pain. A root canal is a more conservative treatment that will preserve the tooth as much as it can.


Root canals are for the following conditions:


Severe tooth decay



How Root Canals Work

Root canals remove the infected tissue of the tooth and cleans out the tooth. A crown is then placed over the tooth to strengthen it and prevent further decay.

Patient with our pediatric dentist in Gainesville.

What to Expect

Our specialist will thoroughly numb the treatment area so your child doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Making your child feel safe and comfortable during their appointment is important to us. There should be minimal discomfort after a root canal, though we will also provide painkillers if needed.

Why Choose Hero Pediatric Dentistry for Pediatric Root Canals in Gainesville

A Welcoming, Kid-Friendly Office

We welcome you with bright smiles and provide engaging games and toys for your child.

Trained and Expert Staff

Our staff members are trained experts in pediatric root canals and extractions.

Compassionate and Gentle Care

No matter what procedure your child is getting, we always demonstrate gentleness and compassion to give them comfort.

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